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Torchflame Books is an imprint of Light Messages Publising serving authors by bringing to light meaningful books.

We were founded in 1998 by a group of authors who believed that there had to be a better model than vanity or self-publishing for emerging authors. As a hybrid publishing company, we work closely with our authors to polish, publish, and sell their books whether written for a broad or select market. We look beyond the immediate profits of the latest "hot topic" to offer a platform for as many subjects as possible.

We are located in Durham, North Carolina. Our primary market is the United States but we also sell books in a number of other nations.  We prefer to print locally whenever possible, working wiith printers around the world to decrease delivery time and cost.  We offer short-run or high volume printed editions in numerous sizes as well as electronic books in all the standard formats.

We are currently accepting submissions.

We can't publish everything but we can and will be happy to review your work with the respect it deserves.


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