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  • Sheltering Angels

    Sheltering Angels

    “The angels…regard our safety, undertake our defense, direct our ways, and exercise a constant solicitude that no evil befall us.”—John
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  • Dead Last

    Dead Last

    Maddie is likable and believable…  this debut shows enough promise to encourage readers to follow along if it turns into
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  • Saving Tuna Street

    Saving Tuna Street

    Blanche “Bang” Murninghan is a part-time journalist with writer’s block and a penchant for walking the beach on her beloved
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  • The Entitled

    The Entitled

    "Vibrant street scenes, swift pacing, and Nicole’s steely nerve make The Entitled an entertaining adventure." Foreword Reviews Praise for the Nicole Graves Mysteries: “full of
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  • Going to School in Black and White

    Going to School in Black and White

    A Dual Memoir of Desegregation The school careers of two teenage girls who lived across town from each other ––one
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  • The Color of Together

    The Color of Together

    "In his beautiful new book, Milton Brasher-Cunningham shares arresting thoughts on grief, grace, and gratitude. He claims that we are
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  • Heirloom


    Healing secrets and a battle for survival await in Eden Springs Kate Tyler is already in a life crisis when she inherits Howard’s Walk
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  • Of Green Stuff Woven

    Of Green Stuff Woven

    Around the globe, small bands of eco-activists are working to save one reef, one rain forest, one river at a
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  • Songs for the Forgotten

    Songs for the Forgotten

    A Psychiatrist’s Record Combines pivotal moments from Julia Burns’s Southern upbringing in the 1970s with case histories accumulated through three decades of
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  • How Cancer Cured Me

    How Cancer Cured Me

    Battling to beat cancer, finding a cure, and fighting to survive can become all-encompassing. Like most people, when diagnosed with cancer,
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  • Climbing Lessons

    Climbing Lessons

    “Climbing Lessons stays close to home, with the unflinching discoveries that come from birth, marriage, fatherhood and death, all told with Bascom’s great powers of honesty,
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  • Their Faces Shone

    Their Faces Shone

     "Their Faces Shone is a riveting, candid and thought-provoking account of one's family journey through fostering. -Erica C. Witsell, award-winning author of the novel Give “I
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  • Valiant Savage

    Valiant Savage

    "I would follow Peter Savage into any firefight."James Rollins, New York Times bestseller of The Demon Crown The Cascadia Independence
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  • In The Midst of Innocence

    In The Midst of Innocence

    IndieFab Book of the Year Bronze Medal Winner in Relgious Fiction An endearing ballad of the struggle for existence and
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  • The Women of Jacob's Mountain Boxed Set

    The Women of Jacob's Mountain Boxed Set

     From multi-award-wining author Deborah Hining come two novels about The Women of Jacob's mountain who have a strength and sense
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  • Becoming a Creative Genius {Again}

    Becoming a Creative Genius {Again}

    Improve every part of your life! Becoming a Creative Genius {again} makes the case that we are all born creative
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  • Anung's Journey

    Anung's Journey

    This ancient Ojibway legend predates contact with European settlers, but the drummer boy and the people he meets at the
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  • The Ransom

    The Ransom

      "Nicole Graves is the best fictional sleuth to come down the pike since Sue Grafton's Kinsey Millhone." – Laura Levine,
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  • Looking Within

    Looking Within

    Understanding Ourselves through Human Imaging What would it be like to have x-ray vision? Beyond diagnosing illness or injury, can
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  • Liar Liar

    Liar Liar

    "Boyarsky's imagination serves up a court case that plays with expectations during an era where we push to believe women,
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  • The Next to Last Mistake

    The Next to Last Mistake

    "The Next to Last Mistake is a poignant and sweet story of love, loss, discovery, and the enduring bonds of
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  • Lethal Savage

    Lethal Savage

    "I would follow Peter Savage into any firefight."– James Rollins, New York Times bestseller of The Demon Crown Two men,
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  • Everyone Can Code

    Everyone Can Code

    What do doctors, firefighters, writers, chefs, farmers, plumbers, and kids have in common? They can all code to solve real-world
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  • Great Kids Don't Just Happen

    Great Kids Don't Just Happen

    If there are children in your life, you need Dr. Smolen’s research and wisdom! Physically and emotionally healthy children are
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  • Riding the Elephant

    Riding the Elephant

    Surviving and loving in a bipolar marriage Host of Montreal’s top-rated English radio talk show, Neil McKenty appeared rational, balanced
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  • A Sergeant in the House

    A Sergeant in the House

    Stars & Flags Gold Grand Prize Winner Children's Books  Foreword Reviews' INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award Finalist - Children's Picture
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  • Gently Between the Words

    Gently Between the Words

    In his latest collection of essays and poems Taylor-Troutman guides readers through seemingly simple stories of death, life, parenting struggles,
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  • WAIT


    What are you waiting for? Wait is a necessary source of comfort for those plagued by intractable problems." –Foreword Reviews Everyone has
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  • Behind These Hands

    Behind These Hands

    "a richly woven, unforgettable symphony of feelings and words"–Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review) "This is a compelling story in whose heroine
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  • The Bloodline Inheritance

    The Bloodline Inheritance

    Magicks and humans, friends and enemies, ally themselves in a battle to save all realms in the final book of
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  • Faith and Air: The Miracle List

    Faith and Air: The Miracle List

    "For years I have loved the Tar Heel Traveler and the way Scott reveals the beautiful people and culture of
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  • Cybersecurity for Teens

    Cybersecurity for Teens

    Teens have access to millions of apps and hundreds of connected products, including computers, smartphones, and even smart sneakers. These
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  • To Our Health

    To Our Health

    To Our Health is a blueprint for wellness with all the tools to build a strong, healthy body and vibrant
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  • Healing Maddie Brees

    Healing Maddie Brees

    "A gorgeous meditation on broken bodies, fractured faith, and the soul-wrenching path to serenity." –Kirkus Reviews "Stevenson writes beautifully and raises
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  • Detours and Designs

    Detours and Designs

    Any other eleven-year-old kid might flip past a hand-drawn picture if they found it in a textbook. But not Drew
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  • Say to These Mountains

    Say to These Mountains

    Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Gold Medal Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Gold Medal, Say to These Mountains tells the
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  • Janjak and Freda go to the Iron Market

    Janjak and Freda go to the Iron Market

    In this first book of the bilingual Janjak and Freda series, cousins Janjak and Freda go with their godmother on
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  • Teamwork


    Basketball was originally designed to be a team game, but today’s players are growing up in a culture that focuses
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  • Coding for Kids

    Coding for Kids

    Young boys and girls are discovering that coding isn’t just useful for grownups, it’s also a great skill for kids—and
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  • A Life in Dark Places

    A Life in Dark Places

    At its heart, A Life in Dark Places is an adventure story, its heroes the men and women who have
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  • The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

    The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

    Obstacles and challenges are a normal part of married life. Here’s how you get through them. This book will lead
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  • Please Don't Let Me Be the Oldest Mom in the PTA

    Please Don't Let Me Be the Oldest Mom in the PTA

    Motherhood is not what it used to be, as more moms than ever before are having children later on in
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  • Polly of Bridgewater Farm

    Polly of Bridgewater Farm

    An Unknown Irish Story This is the story of an idylic irish childhood torn asunder by the famine of 1847,
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  • Goodnight Goat - Bonnwit Kabrit

    Goodnight Goat - Bonnwit Kabrit

    Bonnwit Kabrit is a lovely bicultural bedtime story for young children everywhere. -Midwest Book Review Foreword Review INDIEFAB Book of
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  • A Darker Shade of Pale

    A Darker Shade of Pale

    Courage to Love in the Shadow of Hate A Darker Shade of Pale tells of Beryl Crosher-Segers' family and community
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  • Take My Hand

    Take My Hand

    A welcome, practical guide for the emotional journey of caregiving. The caregiver’s journey is often bittersweet, combining feelings of exhaustion,
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  • Stories, Images, and Magic from the Piano Literature

    Stories, Images, and Magic from the Piano Literature

    Stories, Images, and Magic from the Piano Literature will stimulate the imagination of pianists as they study and perform the
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  • The Wrongful Conviction of Oscar Pistorius

    The Wrongful Conviction of Oscar Pistorius

    Science transforms our comprehension of Reeva Steenkamp's Shocking Death Just when the world thought Oscar Pistorius’ meteoric rise to Olympic
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  • The Trials of Nellie Belle

    The Trials of Nellie Belle

    We labor in the dark, not knowing how close we come to tapping gold or triggering disaster. Only God knows.
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  • Guiding Missal

    Guiding Missal

    If this little book could only talk! Guiding Missal is based on a true story about a lively prayerbook that
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  • Jonathan Edwards

    Jonathan Edwards

    As we see an anemic Christendom today in its witness, ethics, and influence, we find the correctives and the guidance
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  • Discovering Oak Island: Camera-in-Hand

    Discovering Oak Island: Camera-in-Hand

    Whether you are a visitor, newcomer, or native of Oak Island, Discovering Oak Island: Camera-in-Hand will make you love her more and
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  • Grandpa Still Remembers

    Grandpa Still Remembers

    In the heart of Africa, a young missionary kid's life is changed forever. Impacted by the lessons he learned while
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  • Real Birth

    Real Birth

    "Highly recommended"–Library Journal Intimate and intensely personal, the forty-five first-person narratives contained in Real Birth: Women Share Their Stories offer
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  • Kite Kè M Pale

    Kite Kè M Pale

    In his latest collection, Kite kè m pale (Let My Heart Speak), the poet Jacques Pierre speaks lovingly and eloquently
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  • The Lyre and the Lambs

    The Lyre and the Lambs

    A feast of family can be a plate load of problems! It’s the Sixites. Modernity and tradition clash as two
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  • Did Ancient Chinese Explore America?

    Did Ancient Chinese Explore America?

    My Journey Through the Rocky Mountains to Find Answers A Chinese classic, the Shan Hai Jing, reportedly from 2000 BC claimed
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